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How did the idea for Spandex Playground come about?
     I had all of these great costumes lying around and some really hot and sexy models who wanted be a part of Superheroines' Demise, our sister site. I decided to start another site using extra models and the costume collection I've amassed over the years. The result is Spandex Playground!

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Do I have to pay to see the site?
     Yes and No. Yes you must pay to see the really juicy bits. We do, however, have a few full size sample pictures for free. But to gain FULL access to all the original content and weekly updates you must pay a measly $16.95 for a month or $39.95 for a 3 month membership (a 22% discount).


Will I see some of the college girls nude?
     Yes. Nudity is shown. It's well worth it to join so you can see how fabulous they look in and out of their sexy costumes. Oh and don't forget you can get some of their email addresses in the members area too.
Will my email address be sold or spammed?
     No, absolutely not. The fans of this fetish are the greatest asset we have so we will do nothing to hurt or annoy them.
Will you have any video clips?
     We add a video clip each week. Look forward to seeing some of the most cutting edge video clip productions you've ever seen!
Do you make and sell videos?
     Not at the moment. There is talk of producing VHS tapes / DVDs but we must concentrate is on the still pics, stories, and online video clips right now.
Your billing option requires me to give a lot of personal information. Why is that necessary?
     The address (and additional information) that your credit card company has on file for you MUST be entered when signing up. Every online billing company understands that surfers are concerned about their privacy. For that reason all information is sent via a secure form which is encrypted (scrambled) in transit. Every online billing company requires all of that personal information to minimize fraudulent credit card transactions . Believe it or not some unscrupulous surfers try to use stolen credit cards to gain access to sites and purchase goods. Please note, however, that the personal information (besides name and email address) is not seen by anyone at this site or at the billing company. All of the information is only used to verify that you are who you say you are.
I'm still worried about the safety of credit card transactions. Can you tell me more?
     There has been much said about how fearful surfers are to use their credit cards to purchase subscriptions and items via the internet. This success of ecommerce recently has demonstrated that this fear is subsiding quite rapidly. Surfers have realized that purchasing a membership or product via the internet is as safe, if not safer, than handing a credit card to a retail clerk. Personally, I have used my credit card online many times without trouble.
Will you have other billing options in the near future?
     If you'd rather send a money order for access to the members area, please Click Here.
How often will you update the site?
     We update the site once a week. Expect it to be done by Friday night so you can enjoy everything over the weekend. Also we are always working on expanding the links page to list other quality sites. Other than that, constant tweaking of the site will be taking place to make the site faster loading and easier to navigate.


How much info about your site will be on my credit card report?
     Every credit card company seems to report things slightly differently. Without fail, however, your credit card statement will show a charge to 'Internetizens', which is the billing company we use. Other than that, a customer service contact telephone number will appear on your statement.
Can I access the site using AOL or WebTV?
     Yes. Sometimes AOL's servers are so jammed with users that AOL's browser will not grant access to Superheroines' Demise (or any other site for that matter) immediately. To remedy this problem just try accessing the site during a time when you think fewer people using AOL are online. Regarding WebTV you should have no problems unless you try to view video clips. That's when the current version of WebTV may show it's deficiencies.
Why are the pictures on AOL so much worse than on my other ISP?
     AOL 's default setting is to compress all graphics/pictures before you view them to save bandwidth. While this speeds up a member's surfing, the quality of what you see declines dramatically. REMEDY: Look for and click on the 'Prefs' icon. In 'Multimedia' you should see 3 boxes. Each one should have a check mark in it. If they do not, single click on each box that does not have a check mark. Then make sure the single box on the Web Graphics tab does not have a check mark in it. If it does, single click in the box to turn off the 'Use Compressed Graphics' feature. When done, click 'ok' at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.
My credit card was rejected. What went wrong?
     Sometimes a person's credit card is rejected for various reasons. Maybe the server was too busy at the time you tried to sign up, your connection through your ISP was overloaded, or perhaps you credit card was rejected because of insufficient funds or past negative activity. We suggest that you try again later using a different credit card. Or, you may want to contact your bank to see if there is a different remedy available.
If I cancel my membership  prior to the end of my subscription period, will I still have access?
     Yes. You will have full and unlimited access until the end of your chosen subscription period (either 30 or 90 days).